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torsdag den 14. november 2013

Future Requiem - Song of Rage and Resentment

Song of Rage and Resentment - Sequentia: Dies Irae

This land is waste.
No bird is singing.
Today we mourn
and wish for changes.

The rage in man
has caused resentment.
The way we choose
has caused our trouble.

Be not afraid
for death becomes you.
Just like a child.
Just a rendering.

There is no day.
No wrath or judgement.
No high or low.
Just replication.

There is no night
as long as this.
So rest your head
in the course of time.

Byggende på oldkirkelige tekster opfører Koret Staka værket Future Requiem, med tekst af Jens Carl Sanderhoff, og musik komponeret af Stefán Arason. Her er en af salmerne.


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