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mandag den 29. april 2013

Mark Jenkins: The Death of Death

This latest piece, “The Death of Death” was put up in Dublin in early September during Suicide Awareness Week. These days we’re continuing to explore the idea of the urban theater - the street as a stage. Also doing a lot of workshops, the most recent in Tashkent, teaching people this idea of using their body to make self-replicas to put out into public space.

Your work has been called 'shocking' and even 'bewildering'. How do you expect the viewer to interact with your work?

Shock, bewilderment, mild amusement, disinterest. It depends on the individual. [...]  the most common reaction is not to see it at all unless sirens are blazing around it. There's so much visual stimuli out there in the city that most people choose to navigate public space like a horse wearing blinders.


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