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torsdag den 29. december 2011

Carry-on bagage

Vlieger & Vandam - Guardian Angel handbag - Gun

Vlieger & Vandam - Guardian Angel handbags
The Guardian Angel bags narrate of the increasing violence and crime in the media, objectifying our addiction to fear. The first series of Guardian Angel bags were made of second-hand handbags and wool felt embossed with distinct silhouettes of handguns and kitchen knives reminiscing of Hitchcock’s iconographic thriller Psycho. In 2002 they were an instant hit in the media and in 2005 the MoMA Museum of Modern Art in New York included a Guardian Angel bag in their exhibition ‘Safe, Design Takes On Risk’. In 2006 MoMA added a Guardian Angel bag to its permanent collection.

Vlieger & Vandam - Guardian Angel håndtaske - Knife

Rihanna på rejse med pistol-taske:

Rihanna with Vlieger & Vandam 'Guardian Angel' handbag

Også med krucifiks til exorcister:

Vlieger & Vandam - Guardian Angel handbag - Crucifix


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