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torsdag den 22. april 2010

Dolly Parton: The Bridge

The bridge, so high
The bridge, so tall
Here is where it started
On the bridge

The moon is big and yellow
And the stars are all aglow
From the bridge, I see reflections
In the waters far below

You kissed me for the first time here
And held me awfully tight
And the bridge became our favorite place
We came here often in the night

'Dolly Parton Bridge'

And one night while standing on the bridge
Desire swept through us both
Passion took us by the hand
And showed us where to go

From the bridge we saw a meadow
So we ran together there
Where we found love together
Our emotions filled the air

Dolly Parton

The bridge, so wide
The bridge, so long
Where once we stood together
Tonight I stand alone

Tonight, while standing on the bridge
My heart is beating wild
To think that you could leave me here
With our unborn child

My feet are moving slowly
Closer to the edge
Here is where it started
And here is where I'll end it

'Dolly Parton Bridge'


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