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søndag den 9. september 2012

Jeg hader mandage!

Banksy: I hate Mondays

I hate Mondays
Banksy 2010

Girlfriend: So what does it mean?
Me: It was inspired by the famine in Darfur. It’s one of the most complicated stencils I’ve ever cut.
Girlfriend: That must have been horrible.
Me: It’s not so bad if you use a sharp knife.
Girlfriend: I meant the famine in Darfur.
Me: Oh yeah, totally.

Spray paint and heavy irony on canvas

Banksy: I hate Mondays (artists statement)

Urban Dictionary: Monday

Noun: A slang term for black people. Because no one likes the Mondays. Used by lower to middle class white people to mask their racism. Usually used in the upper north of the United States.

1. Man I fucking hate Mondays.

Banksy: I hate Mondays (detail)


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