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tirsdag den 10. maj 2011

Tea Party, terrorist tepotte og tehætte

Terrorist Teapot and Cozy - Terrorist tekande og tehætte

Terrorist Teapot and Cozy - Terrorist tekande og tehætte

Tea Cosy (American English; tea cozy) - a cover for a teapot, traditionally made of cloth or wool, used to keep the tea warm while it brews. Tea cosies may be embroidered; perhaps to complement a fine set of china. The traditional British handknitted cosy tends to resemble a woollen hat, often featuring a bobble on top.

According to comedian Billy Connolly, if a man is left alone in a room with a tea cosy, and he does not attempt to wear it, he is not be trusted. Tea cosies in fiction include the eponymous items in Edward Gorey's The Haunted Tea Cosy: A Dispirited and Distasteful Diversion for Christmas. Some tea cosies are just evil.

The Terrorist Tea Pot is a set including the tea pot and the balaclava tea cosy. For those of you who like the technical info, the pot holds 1.5 litres (50 Oz) which will make you 5 or 6 big cups of steaming hot tea!

Terrorist Teapot and Cosy - 'WE DEMAND HOT TEA'

Terrorcelle planlægger næste terroraktion
fra deres terrorrede mens de drikker terrorte:

To små terrorister holder planlægningsmøde med varm te

Terrorist teapot and monkey mug


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