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lørdag den 25. juni 2011

Liv-moder korsfæstelse

Crucifixion by Eric Drooker - Kvinde korsfæstet på livmoder, og andre henrettelser
Crucifixion by Eric Drooker

"Drooker also empathizes with the oppression of women, specifically women's rights to her own body. In an unnerving print, a woman is crucified on a uterus.

In the distance, other forms of historically cruel executions subtlety and starkly dot the horizon. A silhouette of a woman has been hanged, and another one is burning at the stake. Also etched in the background are wheels, a mid 16th century execution device reminiscent of medieval torture; this anachronistic structure alludes to Pieter Brueghel's Wheels that dotted his landscape in The Triumph of Death. A silhouette of a man runs from the execution, which shows that man is the executioner of his own kind. In the foreground, skeletons of former martyrs are scattered among symbolic modern day devices. A wire coat hanger lies not far from the woman's feet, explicitly reminding viewers that without safe clinics, women resort to unsafe methods of abortion. The other modern device is a Dalkon shield, a defective birth control device invented in 1970. Drooker borders the image with double helices, sperm, and chromosomes, to clarify that the sexual suppression is unfounded because a person's sex is arbitrarily determined by genetics.

This crucifixion more than suggests that women who are nailed to this traditional and repressive role of sperm collectors are suffering as unjustly as the executed have for the past couple millennia. This brings up the question if humankind has actually progressed since the first famous crucifixion. Perhaps the figure is Christ-like, because she is bearing everyone else's sins, especially those who condemn her."


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