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lørdag den 21. juli 2012


Leigh Thebault: Cliffhanger

Equilibrium   (poem by Earthnight)

The tipping scale grows ever close toward conclusion’s clasp,
And I can feel my life is slipping slowly from my grasp.
The thread from which is woven all the subtleties of life,
Forever weighs on it the balance of contentment and of strife.
The insubstantial virtues of a world torn clear in two,
Are all that’s left to keep the balance and set right what’s gone askew.
The cellophane emotions have become all that we know,
And yet we strive to make it better once we see the seeds we sew.
The energies of life are trying harder to remain,
And the scale’s becoming even in these times that are insane.
So is there hope that on the other side contentment can be found,
Or are the times of strife just too far gone for balance to abound?


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