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tirsdag den 3. januar 2012

Sommerfugl til bal

Sommerfugl balkjole, Charles James, 1955
Butterfly by Charles James, 1955

Den amerikanske modeskaber Charles James designede i 1955 denne balkjole med inspiration fra en sommerfugl. Chiffon, silkesatin og 23 meter tyl i afstemte farver.
"This design invites multiple interpretations. The form alludes to the extreme bustles of the 1880s and at the same time can be imagined as a transformation of the female body into that of a butterfly with iridescent wings that shimmer when they move. References to the past aside, it was a form hitherto unknown in the history of fashion. Twenty-five yards of tulle were used in its making."

Sommerfugl galla kjole, Charles James, 1955


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