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onsdag den 12. april 2017

Art Nouveau Brooch: Octopus and Butterfly

Wilhelm Lukas von Cranach, a descendant of the famous painter Lucas Cranach, first trained as a forester and then studied painting. He owed his reputation to his superb designs for jewellery and other arts-and-crafts objects. The "Octopus and Butterfly" (Tintenfisch und Schmetterling) brooch is a masterpiece of Art Nouveau and, in terms of motif and craftsmanship, the most spectacular jewellery creation of this stylistic epoch in Germany.

Design: Wilhelm Lukas von Cranach
Crafted by Louis Werner
Date Created: 1899-1900
Location: Pforzheim Jewellery Museum
Medium: Gold, pearls, diamonds, rubies, amethysts, a topaz, enamel


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